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Three Leopard Poachers Arrested in Tete Province, Mozambique

20 July 2020

In the early hours of Saturday the 18th of July, in a joint operation with Mozambique Republic Police and the local wildlife authorities, the Safaris de Mozambique anti-poaching unit successfully arrested three leopard poachers after successfully tracking the criminals to their hideout. However, it was not without difficulties. Anti-poaching member, Talento Marcelo was wounded when attacked by one of the poachers, who wielded a knife. Luckily he got away with just a few stitches, his wounds shown in the below photograph:

"We are lucky Talento survived the incident", said Simon Rodger, the director of the company. The poachers were caught with leopard skin and body parts, as well as poison and impala meat. The criminal syndicate are in police custody at the administrative post of Chintopo in Magoe District, Tete Province and are being charged with committing wildlife crimes and attempted murder. 

"We would like to thank the authorities for their professionalism and for helping us bring these criminals to justice", Simon Rodger added. Poaching is on the rise in Mozambique as the COVID-19 pandemic leaves conservation areas hamstrung, with tourism having come to a complete stand still. Despite all of this, hunting safari companies in Mozambique are continuing their conservation efforts, with assistance from local government. 

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Poachers with the Police commander
Talento leg wounded
Talento cut on the head
Poachers arrested


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